Power Rite Commutators are world-class custom-engineered components made according to the very stringent demands of our OEM customers. Made of superior Japanese copper and phenolic at our QS certified factory, Power Rite commutators set the standard for commutator performance.

Many different types of commutators are available. Send us your detailed inquiry and let us show you how Power Rite can offer you tremendous cost savings on high-quality custom made commutators.

Types of Commutators

  • Slotted (Riser) Type
  • Segmented Tang Type
  • Shell Type
  • Planar Type

Industries Supplied

  • Power Tools
  •  Automotive
  • Household Appliances

Molding Compound – Phenolic or glass fiber / asbestos free

Mica Insulated – Between segments

Segments – Silver-copper, electrolytic copper and oxygen free

Bushing – Brass or steel

Reinforcing Ring – Steel or glass epoxy ring

  • Quality – 100% Testing
  • Strict Process Control
  • Material Certification