Compare Power Rite sprockets to any sprockets made anywhere in the world.

Outstanding quality and competitive pricing make Power Rite sprockets the best value sprocket line available.

Power Rite sprockets are made from carefully selected – top quality carbon steel and heat treated as needed to offer superior performance, longer wear life, withstand heavy shock loads and resist abrasion. Made to precise specifications, Power Rite sprockets provide excellent chain fit and performance.


Featured Products:

  • A-Type (No Hub)
  • B-Type (One Sided Hub Extension)
  • C-Type (Two Sided Hub Extension)
  • Plain Bore
  • Finished Bore
  • QD Bushed Type
  • Taper Bushed Type



  • Single Strand Type
  • Multiple Strand Type
  • Double Single Type
  • Extended Pitch Type
  • Metric
  • Hardened Teeth
  • Idler – Bronze Bushed and Ball Bearing Type